20121120 – Baba explains the progression of evolution in simple terms to Ashram boys



[Baba started Meher Ashram school for boys in 1927 at Meherabad. He explained spirituality in simple terms to the boys. Later Baba picked some of the ‘gems’ from this school and started ‘Prem Ashram’.

Explaining the objective, Baba said: “”I want to impart spiritual education which is obtained without any study [worldly learning]; I will make the school the medium for this.” (LM, p917)]


The students clearly found a vast difference between the lectures of Borker Dahiwala and Angal Pleader and the discourses of Meher Baba. As a consequence, they began to pay little attention to the teachers’ utterances and desired only to be near the Master and concentrate on what he revealed. Within days, Meherabad’s atmosphere underwent a complete metamorphosis:

The wine began speaking with the inception
of the Master’s silent discourses.

Meher Baba gave discourses to the children, often using similes and analogies to illustrate his points. On December 18th, Baba brought out a doll and explained the progression of evolution. Bending the head of the doll downward and folding all its limbs inside, Baba stated, “This is the state of inanimate objects in the world, such as stones, rocks and minerals. Life is there but it is curled up like the doll and you cannot see it. Everything is latent.”

Unfolding the doll’s arms and legs, Baba pointed the legs toward the sky and explained, “This is the state of the soul in the plant form. Its mouth is at the roots and its legs or branches are in the sky.” Baba brought the legs down and placed the doll on all fours, indicating that the doll was now in the animal form. Finally, Baba made the doll stand on its two legs and explained, “The soul has now reached the state of a human being – this is the final and highest form.

-www.lordmeher.org, p976

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