Personal effort

Baba: “Some time ago, I had implanted a spark of Love in the hearts of some of the boys as well as in a few amongst the elder disciples, which makes you see this surprising result these days. With a mere touch, or a look, Saints can give indescribable thrills and novel experiences to anyone they like, but these last for a certain period. Such thrills and experiences are a sort of stimulant to aspirants and have no permanent results. But Qutubs and Sadgurus seldom do that. This is not a temporary gift of that kind. Bodies may come and go, but this spark will never die.  It will burst out into a great Divine flame one day.”

“Then,” I [Ramjoo] ventured to ask, “Why have you been often advising and insisting upon the boys to try to create love for You, and think of You as much as they can? And where is the need of individual efforts, since You have actually implanted the spark?”

“This spark,” replied the Master through His usual gestures and alphabet pointing,” requires personal efforts for its complete manifestation. The more one would think of and try to love Me, the sooner and greater would be the out-burst.

Through this spark there is a chance of one actually realizing God, let alone getting advanced in the spiritual planes.”

-“Sobs and Throbs”, Ramjoo Abdulla, p5


“Honest and whole-hearted efforts will help you to find your personal path leading to Me.” (Glimpses of the God-Man, vol 6, P 196)

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