Sanskaras and liberation – part – 1

Later in the evening of October 4th, after dinner, the Master expounded on the function of the Sadguru, explaining more about yoga, sanskaras and mukti – liberation:

No yogi can gain eternal freedom or emancipation, even though he might have reached the highest yogic state of samadhi through his practices, because sanskaras (bindings) are still there and all ties have not yet been snapped.

Sanskaras  mean the impressions in the mind left behind while doing any good or bad action. Even a thought creates sanskaras. Talking, listening, thinking, seeing, eating, sleeping, in fact, even subtle motions, produce many more sanskaras which have to be experienced with mechanical precision unless removed or nullified by a Sadguru’s grace.

Our present life, with all its experiences of pain and pleasure, virtue and vice, is the result of our past sanskaras. The very breath we breathe, the blinking of our eyelids, the finger we lift are all due to past impressions. It is the mere unfoldment of our past subtle impressions reflected in our present life. And our present life goes on creating more sanskaras. A good word or action has its beneficial result compressed in an impression – imagine it in the form of a circle – and a bad word or action likewise stores up a bad result in a similar subtle form. Thus good deeds of this life assure a happy future life, and bad actions in the present life result in a miserable future birth.

–, p332
October, 1922; Manzil-e-Meem

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