“But this way it comes to me indirectly”


Bharucha sitting on the right side of Baba

Dr. [Hoshang] Bharucha was a staunch devotee of Godavri Mai and harbored some misunderstanding about fully accepting Baba as his Master. Explaining obedience to him, Baba stated, “Obey Godavri Mai. You should also obey my instructions, but only if they do not contradict hers.” Bharucha followed Baba’s advice, but gradually Baba’s love enveloped him to such an extent that he became Baba’s completely.

Hoshang Bharucha was called to Meherazad several times in 1957. During one visit Baba commented to him, “You may think of me directly or you may think of any other Guru – or even a girlfriend – yet, you are thinking of only me as I am in everyone. But this way it comes to me indirectly.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4184
Jun, 1957; Guruprasad

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