Tell others only what you honestly take me to be

One old lover in the group, Ader Desai (Keki Desai’s brother of Dehra Dun), promptly said, “Baba, I love you so much, but the idea of God coming down as the Avatar does not penetrate into my heart, however much I try to make it do so. I tell others that you are the Avatar, but to be honest I have no such conviction, though I desire it very much.”

Baba asked him, “Do you love someone more than me? Have you come across anyone greater than myself?”

Ader replied, “No, there is no one more worthy of love than you.”

Baba assured him, “Then that is enough. Why worry? Try to love me more and more. But remember one thing, never tell others what you do not feel yourself. Tell others only what you honestly take me to be. I am everything, and one can honestly believe anything.”

–, p5182

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