You should keep that love locked within you

Suloo Meshram stood up and said, “Last evening, I felt more or less unaware of my surroundings, and for about two hours, kept myself closeted in the bathroom. I felt that some breeze from God was passing over me; I felt I was beyond birth and death. I completely forgot about my family and my dying child, too – the child I left behind in answering Baba’s invitation to come to Meherabad. I don’t know whether the child is alive or dead. I still hear some sort of music and smell sweet smells. Yesterday, I was seeing light before my eyes, and that is why I could not sleep.”

Baba motioned for Suloo to be seated and commented: “Suloo is telling the truth. He has been in my contact since April 1938, when he was a lad of fourteen. Since then, his love for me has increased. He has composed songs about me that are published in a book.”

Baba, however, then admonished him, “Whatever your experience may be, there is no need to tell others about it!

“Listen very carefully. When you narrate these instances, the ego gets tickled, and you don’t know it. ‘I saw this sight, it was so wonderful, I felt so happy …’ All these magnify the ego!

“If there is love, and if you let it slip out of your lips, you waste it! If you express it in words, you ruin it! Suppose you really love me – then you should keep that love locked within you. If you let it out, it tantamounts to an insult! If I ask you of my own accord, you may explain, but do not talk of it on your own.

–, p4832 (1955 Sahavas)

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