20130405 – The need to control emotional outbursts


An Irani named Sheriar Rashid Mehrabanpur, who first heard of Meher Baba in Persia from Baidul, later moved to India. He met the Master in 1927 at Akbar Press in Ahmednagar and was so inspired by this first meeting that from then on, he would walk every day to Meherabad to have Baba’s darshan. Baba always blessed him kindly, urging him to long for the love of God.

Later during this period, however, Mehrabanpur was reported to be behaving like a mad man, moving about naked and beating people. On June 6th, referring to him and others of a similar imbalanced emotional temperament, Baba disclosed:

To express one’s feelings in such a violent way is not good. The feelings and overflow of emotions must be controlled, checked and gradually turned into submission, as this love will enable one to be set upon the path. Such uncontrolled outbursts of feelings will otherwise lead a person into awkward situations. He will not advance an inch along the path, but on the contrary, will make himself the laughing stock of the world. If the same is not checked in time, a person is likely to go really mad and pass his remaining life in a lunatic asylum.

True, those who get such outbursts of feeling have a loving nature and a bent of mind toward the Truth, but the same should be checked. If not, in the course of time it proves an empty show, as has been the case with Waman Subnis and Kisan. Both had an outburst of feelings, exhibiting a great show of love and asceticism, but soon became their old selves, once again involved in worldly affairs.

–www.lordmeher.org, p946

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