True Education

Rustom and Sohrab behind Baba

One day, Baba emphasized to Rustom and Sohrab, “I joke with you, make fun at your expense, play cards with you and for my amusement make you act out some scene. I do all this on your level, but never forget for a moment that I am God in human form.”

On 2 May 1959, Baba sent this message to the principal of Saint Vincent’s Catholic High School, where the boys attended school: “My nephews Rustom and Sohrab should learn to

  • think well of others,
  • see good in others,
  • make others happy,
  • tell the truth,
  • shun all hypocrisy and
  • learn to love God.

This is true education. All other education is of little use. Those who educate themselves in this manner are my real relatives.”, p4533
May, 1959; Guruprasad


“Every moment, I respond to the whole creation. My response, being a divine response,  is wholly and entirely one of love.”
(, p4555)

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