20130527 – Better not to believe in God than be a hypocrite!

On May 12th, Dr. Vinod from New York, who knew the Winterfeldts, saw Baba at 8:15 A.M. He was a Hindu and part of his lengthy and poignant interview is reproduced herein:

“I am writing a book on the psychological condition of the world in relation to war and peace,” he said. “I have traveled to Australia, Europe, Asia, America and have had the sahavas of Shankaracharya. I want your blessings. I know these things are temporary and traditional. They do not mean much …”

Baba interrupted him, “They mean nothing! Conviction through the intellect has only a limited scope and might land one into the mess of hypocrisy!

“God is absolute honesty and purity, and in knowing him there can be no compromise. Beyond intellectual conviction is the conviction by knowing through feeling, seeing God as you see me. Only that can make you have the conviction of being one with God in Reality. Therefore, unless this certainty of unity with God comes, all talk is dishonest.”

“How does the unity get established?” Vinod asked.

“When selfish longings and wants go, this is established. God is not there when there are desires and longings. But one must experience this Reality. I always say: ‘Better not to believe in God than be a hypocrite!’ ”

“Selfish desires, attachments and longings, how to control them?” Vinod asked.

“For that, books have been written, and yet it can be achieved in a flash, or it may take lives. So to ask how to control, how to win over desires is like asking: ‘How can I die living? How can I have consciousness in sound sleep?’

“Mind, as long as it is there, goes on working in spite of yourself. So, as you sincerely and honestly want to know, and I feel you need it and are a person of such intelligence, if you really achieve this you will be able to work for God and the universe in the real sense.”

Baba then gave him certain instructions for meditation and concluded: “So start now. Baba has explained so much to you. God’s work is my work and you will do my work. When you have the ocean within you, you cannot crave for a few drops of water. That is what I want you to see. Not just through reason, but by actual experience.”

“Will I succeed?” asked Vinod.

“If you do it honestly. Baba will be helping you every night at 12. Do it honestly and leave the rest to me.”
–www.lordmeher.org, p3813

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