Surrender is better than love on the spiritual path

Love and self-surrender both lead one to the Goal. But generally in the path of love, one drops his body after reaching the final destination. Whereas the one who treads the path of surrender, besides becoming conscious of God, also becomes conscious of the three spheres — gross, subtle, and mental — and thus returns to gross consciousness to serve as a beacon of light to others on the Path. That is why surrendering is better than love.

A majzoob has no other consciousness except of God — no gross, subtle, or mental consciousness. He is fully and divinely absorbed. After gaining normal consciousness, however, one can become conscious of the gross, subtle and mental planes; because of this, Sadgurus are able to lead others on the Path and make them like themselves. The Sadguru’s knowledge [gnosis] of normal consciousness is called irfan [by Sufis] and it is absolutely unique — one cannot even imagine it!

Alongside their state of divinity, the Perfect Masters remain in the dirt of the world — the ocean of life. They work in the maya of the illusory world, though this dirt does not touch them. On the contrary, they lift others from the world and purify them. Therefore, surrender to a Perfect Master is the best method of treading the Path and there is no better way than that for reaching the objective [God-realization].

–, p1137
February, 1930; Nasik


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