27 Aug 2012 – Removing ‘the dirty water’ within us

MEANWHILE, a swimming pool had been built at the back of their bungalow. Margaret Craske was continuing to teach the Eastern women how to swim. The small pool had no filter, and the water smelled; so Baba asked Margaret to change it daily. It was summertime, and Margaret had to drain the pool and refill it daily in the hot sun. Although the pool was small, it was deep in places and took a long time to empty. It was tiring work and, at times, she thought to herself what a bother and how exhausting this work was.

On one occasion, Baba asked her, “What do you have to do to fill the pool?” Margaret explained that she first took the dirty water out, and then refilled the pool with fresh water. Baba spelled out, “Within you is dirty water too, and I have also to take it out, to make room for the fresh water of my love. Thus, in different ways, I am taking out the dirty water from everyone. I am training you, so that you may one day dive deep into my Ocean and obtain the treasure.”

www.lordmeher.org, P3023

(This incident happened in Hyderabad in 1945 in Banjara Hills area. Baba stayed for around 6 months in Hyderabad in this trip. Refer to slides 21 – 25, PDF in Baba and Hyderabad)

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