“All your thoughts will turn to ash in my furnace of love”

Baba had sent Chanji to Madras on the 2nd to arrange a suitable place of seclusion. Chanji returned to Meherabad four days later, and Baba immediately sent him to Poona for certain work, after which he was to return the next day. Weary from his travels, Chanji reported that the work in Poona had not been completed satisfactorily, and Baba took him to task. Chanji pleaded, “What could I do? I am incapable of some things; I have shortcomings, weaknesses and faults. I am unable to satisfy you. You are put to trouble because of me, and it is better that I leave you.”

To console Chanji, Baba spent nearly two hours on the 8th explaining:

“Forget these thoughts! Continue staying with me and do as I order, paying full attention to the work. Nothing more is required. The worst of sins are washed away by self-dedication to a Perfect Master. You may go on thinking bad thoughts 24 hours a day, but be with me and carry out my instructions. A Sadguru’s furnace incinerates everything. You have [a] deep connection with me. So let the worst thought come, but remain with me and listen to me. It is no use going away. All your thoughts will turn to ash in my furnace of love.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p1189
Jul, 1930; Meherabad


“To him who suffers in my darbar [court] without complaint, I will give the greatest benefit.”
(www.lordmeher.org, p2318)

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