Baba’s advice to school children


Baba with Gurukul children

On Sunday morning, February 28th, at seven o’clock, Baba gave his personal contact to the children of the Gurukul Hostel. Lightheartedly, he played marbles with them, as if he himself were a young boy. Baba inquired, “Who among you is the best singer?” The children immediately began singing, and Baba hung a drum around his neck and rhythmically gave accompaniment. He lovingly addressed them:

Be honest. Never tell lies. Whatever may happen, never tell lies. In this life, I too was once a child like you. Now I am God. So you also can be advanced in this spiritual path if you love me.

Respect your teachers, your principal. Attend to your studies, do your duties, but every day, at least once, remember me. Then my nazar will be on you all, and my nazar being on you means that I will help you in every way. But be honest.

Date: 28 Feb 1954 (Andhra Darshans)

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4336

(, Revised 2014, p3491)

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