Baba’s “warning” – Part 1

Baba wished to hold a meeting in Guruprasad on Sunday, 19 May 1957 with the mandali and his close lovers from Ahmednagar, Poona and Bombay to issue a “warning.” Forty-seven persons were called. Adi Sr. arrived with Kaikobad a day in advance. The meeting began on the 19th at 8:00 A.M.

… After a few more preliminary statements, Baba began:

I want to tell you one important thing which each of you must remember well. It is a fact that I am the Lord of the universe. I am omnipresent. Now the time is fast approaching and I clearly see the “dark cloud” hovering; I see its picture. By this I am not referring to the recent motor accident that has already come to pass. The humiliation that I was referring to for many years is within sight. During that phase of my life, there is every possibility that I may slip out of your hands.

Now let me first explain what I mean by humiliation. Suppose you are loved by someone very dearly for several years and one day when you happen to meet him, he suddenly begins to abuse you, kick you and spit in your face. In the context of your previous relationship with him, your plight becomes an example of humiliation. In the same way, if some persons who have previously adored me and raised me up to the skies in adoration for years suddenly turn against me and express extreme disdain for me by throwing me in filth, it will be another example of humiliation.

I will also give you an example of circumstances under which this kind of a thing can happen. You are worshiping me for so many years. Suppose you suddenly find me eating rubbish and roaming about naked in the streets, behaving like a madman. What will be your reaction to this behavior of mine? I do not want anyone of you to think or say that Baba is going to become mad! On the contrary, I have come to make the whole world mad after God and Truth.

Only the Avatar, whenever he lives amidst mankind, has to undergo humiliation. When there are five Perfect Masters, who are God Personified and who control and look after the affairs of the universe, what need is there for them to precipitate the incarnation of God on earth? They bring Him down to shoulder the sufferings of humanity. The five Perfect Masters are not as much scandalized or humiliated as the Avatar. I have been made to take this human form by the five Perfect Masters of this age, to bear the cross and to undergo humiliation.

You have read in the Gospels wherein Christ had said to his apostles: “You will deny me.”

This did happen when Peter, the chief apostle, denied Jesus. The thing is that during the phase of humiliation, the circumstances will go so awry that you will not be aware when my daaman has slipped out of your hands! At that time, you may even feel justified in leaving me.

But if you feel that this should not happen, there is one remedy. You should grasp well all of what I say and understandingly live up to it. You should also tell everything that you hear today to those who are not present.

In short, I clearly see the dark cloud. I do not wish to make a mere mention of the dark cloud without any reason, but this is my loving warning to you so that my daaman may not slip out of your hands.

–Date and place: 19 May 1957;  Guruprasad (Revised 2014), p4167

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