Grace: Being conditioned by duality restricts our ability to receive His grace

It is easier for me to come as an Avatar than for you to receive my grace. The problem is that once you have been conditioned by duality there is no end to the conditions which restrict your ability to receive my grace. Therefore it is difficult for my grace to flow from me to you.

That is why it is not as easy as it sounds for me to get the whim to cause you to receive my grace. As a matter of fact it is flowing sufficiently all the time to fill one and all receptacles everywhere.

There is rarely a vessel which is not filled with other things. A vessel must first be emptied before it can be filled by the flow of my grace. It is also my grace which helps a vessel to become completely emptied in the first place.

However there is no end to the characteristics or impressions in the aspirant which restrict his ability to receive grace.

The sun is now shining brilliantly outside this hall, but the sunlight does not reach you here under the roof. The sun is doing its duty of giving light. You have also to do your duty in removing whatever comes between you and the sun.

Unless you break open the roof, how can you ask the sun to pour its light upon you? You have raised this roof of ‘ignorance’ over your own self. Demolish it and you will find that you yourself are the light and you yourself are the sun.

– “Listen Humanity”, p50

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