Control of mind: Channels for sublimating mental energy – Meditation

Meditation is deep and constant concentration upon an ideal object. In such concentration upon an ideal object, the person is conscious only of the object of meditation, completely forgetting the mind as well as the body. Thus no new sanskaras are formed and old ones are dispersed and exhausted through the mental activity of dwelling on the object of concentration. Finally, when the sanskaras completely disappear, the soul as individualized is dissolved in the intensity of concentration and is merged in the ideal object.

There are many forms of meditation according to the aptitude of different persons.

Ordinarily, the energy of the mind is scattered, through its diverse thoughts. Meditation on a point is very salutary for the mind to gather itself and settle down, but it is a mechanical process and therefore lacks creative and blissful experiences. However, in the initial stages, this form of meditation might be used as a preparation for other more successful forms of meditation.

The more successful and deeper forms of meditation are preceded by deliberate and constructive thinking about God, the Beloved. Meditation on God is spiritually most fruitful.

Success in concentration comes only gradually, and the novice is likely to be disheartened because he does not get satisfactory results in the beginning.  

-Extracted from ‘Discourses’ 7th Ed., pp 51-53

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