Control of mind over energy and matter



Mind begets energy and matter. Without mind there can be  neither energy nor matter. Energy is derived from mind and is  continually sustained by it; it cannot subsist without mind, latent or  manifest. Matter depends upon energy and cannot remain matter  without energy, latent or manifest.

Mind can subsist without energy, as energy can subsist without  matter. In contrast to an infinite number of individual minds as  completely separate entities from one another, the Universal Mind  is indivisible and omnipresent.

Until mind achieves full control over all energy and matter, mind  itself needs to be controlled. It must be protected against being  swayed in the illusion of energy and matter, neither of which have  even their illusory existence apart from mind. To control the mind  from the effects and influence of energy and matter is very  difficult. For example, when a man is slapped, his mind is apt to  respond with an act of greater violence, and this action of revenge  is an unnecessary distortion of the mind, a sheer waste of  energy and fruitless use of matter.

Although some can achieve a partial and temporary control over  their minds, very, very few through divine love can gain complete  mastery over the mind and thus fully control all energy and matter.  Eventually, divine love annihilates the very mind itself and then  God, the divine Beloved, is realized.

-Life At Its Best, p38

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