“Do not think much over petty questions, and wear out your mind”


“Do not think much over petty questions, and wear out your mind. This constant thinking weighs heavy on your mind, and causes you much worry and anxiety for nothing. Do not let any material thoughts disturb your mind and eat it away. Do not be like a leaf (of a tree) moved here and there by the wind. Be like a rock, unaffected by gales and storms and standing firm in its place. What do you do when a fly troubles and disturbs you? You do not worry about it but merely raise your hand and wave it to drive it away from you. In the same way, without giving yourself up to worrying, you must drive away the thoughts that trouble you.

Only stick to one thing — One Eternal Truth. Those who think about worldly matters only dream, as Vivekananda says, vacant dreams. The universe is nothing but a dream. It is unreal, compared to the reality of Truth — God.”

-Questions Meher Baba answered, p 44, edited by KK Ramakrishnan


Due to worry, this universe came into being. And now man is unable to realize his own real self due to engaging his mind in worry.” 


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