He learned a hard lesson about lying to Baba

GSN Moorty to the right of Baba in back coat

During his interview, Dr. Moorty told Baba that he had urgent work in Poona and asked permission to leave. Baba asked, “Can’t you remain until the sahavas is over?”

Although it was untrue, Moorty replied, “No, I have some important work.”

Baba permitted him to leave, but when he reached Poona he found to his astonishment that his host’s residence was locked and no one was around. He did not know anyone else in Poona. He had told Baba a lie and as a result had to spend the night on the railway station platform. The next day, he returned to Ahmednagar and conferred with Adi Sr. His intention was to go back to Meherabad, but Adi persuaded him it was best to return home. Moorty again had to waste a day at the Ahmednagar station, waiting to catch the train. He learned a hard lesson about lying to Baba, but the incident established his deep faith in Baba and his head bowed at Baba’s feet. Moorty returned to Kharagpur and never committed the same mistake again.

-www.lordmeher.org, p3885
Nov, 1955; Meherabad

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