East-West Gathering – Conversations with lovers: “Love me wholeheartedly and you might one day get a glimpse of my Reality”

Habib Qawaal also sang a ghazal. During his singing, at times, Baba would explain the meaning of certain verses. At one point, he translated:

These are wonderful words. The lover tells the Beloved, the Perfect Master: “O my Beloved, I am also nonexistent in your love. I am burned up from head to foot. I am a live volcano all aflame! Don’t stop the tears that fall in the pain of separation from you! Don’t comfort me β€” don’t wipe away my tears with your daaman β€” otherwise your own daaman will burn. I only want union with you, nothing else; otherwise, keep away!” This is the complaint of the lover.

The lover warns other lovers: “Beware! Once you drink the wine of love, you do not belong to yourself. You are dead to the world. You cannot complain, for love seals your lips!”

Here is a warning to Baba lovers: Either keep away from this wine of love of Beloved Baba, or if you taste it, seal your lips against all complaints!

The joke is that the lover says: “I try my best to tread the Path; yet when I see you, I lose myself; I do not know where I am!” It is impossible to appreciate this qawaali song without understanding the depth of the meaning of the words. They are full of love; it is the language of the heart.

Another couplet sung by Habib Qawaal was:

Whoever is struck by this disease of separation from the Beloved never feels rested;
He is always restless like a fish out of water, but he cannot complain.


In the court of the Perfect Master,
Wavering faith has no place.

Explaining that couplet, Baba observed:

It is not easy to take me as the Avatar of the Age. It requires great daring. Here in the meeting hall are the select few who dared to drink the Wine of love. Here there is no room for those that are shortsighted and weak of heart. Here one must have great daring; one must be prepared to carry one’s head in the palm of one’s hand.

It is no joke to love. If you have come to see this as fun, you will become fun yourself! The singer is saying:

I tried to see you a thousand ways, but I could not see you!
I see a beautiful face, eyes, nose, limbs, but I cannot see your Oceanic Form.
I have knocked my head on a thousand thresholds, but I cannot see your Real Form.

But only one in a billion can see me as I really am, in my Real Form. The meeting in Oneness is quite different from this sort of darshan. For that, unique love for and unflinching faith in me are essential. But do not worry.

In this hall, all the cups of Wine are empty. But when the Divine Wine-seller opens his eyes, simultaneously all cups will be filled with love. Let us hope it will be soon! When I break my silence with that Word of Words, all your cups will be filled to the brim full of love β€” and then you may drink to your hearts’ content.

I am that Drop that has swallowed the whole Ocean! If you were to really love me, maybe one day you will see me as I really am. Love me wholeheartedly and you might one day get a glimpse of my Reality.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4873
Nov, 1962;Β East-West Gathering, Guruprasad

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