“Holding of my daaman has most meaning”

Baba showing the hem of His garment, meaning ‘Daaman’


Baba explained about gurus who “initiate” disciples by whispering some word in their ear, such as a mantra. Baba had this couplet of Kabir’s recited:

He who bestows grace through the whisper of a divine word in the ear
Is a master of the limited, not the Unlimited.
The Masters of the Unlimited are only the Sadgurus.

Baba said, “The Sadguru has not to know, he knows. He knows that there is nothing to know.”

He also stated:

Believe me, I am the Ancient One. There is no doubt about it. I am not this body that you see. It is only a cloak. I am infinite consciousness. I sit with you, play with you and laugh with you; but [remember], I am simultaneously working on all the planes of consciousness! I have before me walis and pirs, yogis and saints, who are me in different forms, for I am the Core [center] rooted in everyone and in everything. An infinite number of branches spread out from me. It is I who work through you all and suffer for you all.

Understanding has no meaning. Love has meaning. Obedience has more meaning. Holding of my daaman has most meaning.

I know three things: I am the Avatar in every sense of the word. Whatever I do is the expression of my unbounded love. I suffer infinite agony eternally through your ignorance. What sustains me in my Universal suffering is bliss, plus my infinite sense of humor. The amusing incidents that arise at the expense of none, lighten my burden.

So always think of me; remain cheerful in all situations, and I am there to help you.

www.lordmeher.org, p4440
July, 1958; Meherabad


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