How does one work for Baba – Part 1

Work undertaken with honest intent and love for God is Baba’s work, and those who do this are always his.

But the greatest work one can do for Baba is to live the life of love, humility, sincerity and selfless service in which there is no trace of hypocrisy. Baba’s love is for all; and for each of his lovers to help others know this, his or her own life must be a radiating example of love so that it may become the instrument to spread Baba’s love and the truth of Reality. Such a life and such a love are vital and carry the highest responsibility, for behind every thought, word and deed is the all-pervading force of Truth.

To cultivate discipline in one’s self requires self-determination and honest effort if one desires to tread knowingly and consciously the path of love. This discipline may at first appear dry as dust, but with perseverance it will automatically blossom and be transmuted into the very life of the lover.

To help others through one’s own example, one must get not only thoroughly drenched but drowned in love. As a prelude one should attempt to create a balance between the thoughts of the mind and the feelings of the heart. Mind, however, works much faster. Thoughts are like lightning – first there is the flash and later the sound of thunder. For an equilibrium to be reached, the mind – which is the seat of desires – must be made to function more slowly I order to keep pace with the heart, and no amount of silence or fasting can accomplish this.

-Life At Its Best, p63



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