Man experiences a metamorphosis of his self by traveling within himself

Numerous American and Russian rocket space flights were also in the news at this time. One morning some remark from one of the mandali elicited this response from Baba on the subject of the exploration of space:

However far man may fling himself into outer space, even if he were to succeed in reaching the furthermost object in the universe, man will not change. Wherever he goes, he will remain what he is. It is when man travels within himself, that he experiences a metamorphosis of his self. It is this journeying that matters, for the infinite treasure — God — is within man, and not to be found anywhere outside of himself.

Baba repeated what he had said at Guruprasad:

When mind soars in pursuit of the things conceived in space, it pursues emptiness, but when man dives deep within himself he experiences the fullness of existence., p5042
July, 1963; Meherazad

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