Liberation: Every action binds us


Don Stevens read The Law of Karma a second time …

Although the whole universe is illusion, yet it is governed by a law, a definite law; and that law deals with every detail. We cannot escape from the law of karma. But when we transcend illusion, the law does not bind us any longer.

… If here and now I tell you there is an ant, and suddenly Don kills it, of course, a binding is then created – the impression of the act of killing. You cannot be free from that binding. You are bound because you killed one ant. Every action that you do binds you – every action, every little action, whether good or bad. The good action also binds you, but you are bound then, let us say, by a chain of gold. And, if the actions are bad, then you are bound, say, by a chain of steel. , p4030
July 1956;  Myrtle Beach

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