Maya’s opposition

My duty is to take you out of the meshes of Maya (Baba quotes: “It is my particular work to liberate everybody from the bondage of Maya.“), and while I do this I have to face opposition from Maya, who wouldn’t let me do it. Why?

Automatically, due to the law of reaction (a quote: “It doesn’t take place purposely — it happens by itself.”), i.e., Maya doesn’t intentionally do it, but it happens automatically. The more I try to relieve people out of her clutches, the more she would try to draw them in and create opposition — the law of resistance, reaction, like the bat who, once it sticks to your ear, will not leave its hold.

It might after hours if left alone, if you patiently wait and do not disturb or touch it. But once you disturb or touch it with a view to removing it, it will make its hold all the tighter, and if you exert strength to pull it free it will come, but with your ear stuck to its claws — or like the gorpadu (monitor lizard), who sticks to the wall all the tighter for your efforts to force it to release its hold.

It is the law, which could not be avoided, and what cannot be cured must be endured. That is why all the great saints, Masters and Avatars suffer so terribly!

-How A Master Works,  p. 475, Ivy O. Duce

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