On sanskaras – The Creation, Cutting Up, and Destruction – Part 3/4



And who has the greatest quantity of sanskaras? Sinners! It is for this very reason—to destroy the largest stores of the worst sanskaras—that these Saints and Avatars work more for those sinners who are most immersed in sins and hence drowned in bad sanskaras more than anyone else is. Jesus said, “I want the company of sinners”—and indeed, he had sinners like Mary Magdalene around him, she whom he eventually transformed into a great saint. Even now, Shri Babajan keeps around himself, amongst the bhaktas, the men known as chandulis (who are in the habit of consuming dreadful quantities of intoxicating drinks) and, generally, the worst of sinners in other spheres of life, who, naturally, are most liable to the accumulation of sanskaras. These Saints actively want sinners, for they want to give a lift and raise these most wretched, unfortunate victims of Maya to a higher level, saving them from creating even more wicked sanskaras and thus falling into their (the sanskaras’) clutches. This, in sooth, is their work—nay, their duty—for which express purpose they assume this human form and come down to this world, leaving behind and sacrificing their own enjoyment of the Eternal Bliss (Paramanand) of their realized state.

As for the “bhakta mandali” (or devotees) who gather around such a Saint and remain in his sahavas—they are rightly considered as the most fortunate ones. For in the sahavas of their Guru they have the good luck to have their old sanskaras from the past burnt up while preventing and blocking formation of new sanskaras; but on top of that, they are enabled to perform all four yogas at the same time, which is absolutely impossible under any other conditions. For these devotees have renounced everything—the primary, essential, and principal precondition of all of the yogas. Having done so, then, first, they practice karma yoga by doing what the Guru orders them to do. Second, they perform bhakti yoga through loving and worshipping their Guru and Master for whose sake they have renounced everything (as we have said) and through their ever-readiness to listen to whatever he says. Third, in thinking day and night of the Master and Guru and concentrating their minds always on him, they perform raj yoga. Last, renouncing everything so that they can gather around him, learn from him, become well-versed in knowledge, and so advance towards the goal of Truth, in doing this they practice jnan yoga.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p310
28-November-1926; Lonavala


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