On sanskaras – The Creation, Cutting Up, and Destruction – Part 4/4

Thus by renouncing everything, surrendering heart and soul to their Guru, and remaining constantly in his sahavas, the bhaktas are enabled to perform the most difficult, indeed, most impossible task of practicing all four yogas simultaneously. For a yogi, by contrast, it is almost impossible to practice even two yogas concurrently. For karma yoga (to take this example) calls upon them to do anything and everything, whereas jnan yoga forbids them from doing anything at all, teaching them rather to do nothing. These two lines of instruction, in other words, run directly opposite to one another, each undoing what the other does.

To take stock and summarize all these teachings, then, we find—that ordinary people make a mess of good and bad sanskaras; that yogis remove them superficially; and that realized Sadgurus root them out forever.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p311
28-November-1926; Lonavala

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