On Union or Vasl

In that State of states, one comes to realize that this that you see is all nothing. It is all one everlasting and eternal Ocean of Bliss (Paramanand) with which the realized Person has so united that he retains no consciousness whatsoever of the universe or even his own body. Only when he descends again from the Realization state does he know that he is here, there, and everywhere—in every particle. Previously, in the state of Realization, he said, “I am all. I am the Ocean, Darya.” In the Sadguru state, however, he sees himself in every particle: “I am in the cup, I am in the bottle, I am in Rustom, I am in Behramji! I am in everything, in different forms and places; I am everywhere!” I can see with my own eyes, he says, as one who sees his own image through different colored glasses; for example, such a one sees himself as green when peering through green spectacles, as red through red spectacles, etc. But despite these different colors, one Self pervades everywhere. The difference lies solely in the colors—which is to say the forms. But everywhere the Self is the same. The bubble, while still unrealized, declares, “I am the bubble.” But after Union, it says, “Oh, I am the Ocean!” And when it descends again from that realized state, it sees its own image in every bubble—as well as in the Ocean Itself. In everything and everywhere is He and He—in the drop, in the bubble. in the wave, in different sizes, shapes, and forms: He and only He everywhere.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p359

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