Not merely try, but do it and be it!

One of the chief workers expressed his apologies and promised that he would henceforth be more careful in his relationships with other workers. Baba was pleased with him, for he admitted his fault and gave in. Someone else said that he was sincerely trying to follow Baba’s orders. Baba corrected him,

“Don’t keep on saying, ‘I am trying,’ but do it and be it, for you will become old before your time if you go on saying, ‘I am trying,’ and there is no result. Once you know the truth, you must not merely try, but do it! Try once or twice, but don’t make it a lifelong habit.”, p4994
May, 1963; Guruprasad


“My lovers are the medium of my outer work, which is a result of the inner work I do.”
(, p5264)

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