Reincarnation and Karma [18]– Hell and Heaven: Time in semi-subtle world


Time in semi-subtle world: Hell and heaven are both states of bondage, however, and subject to the limitations of the opposites of pleasure and pain. Both are states whose duration is determined by the nature, amount, and intensity of the accumulated impressions. Time in the semi-subtle world is not the same as time in the gross world due to the increased subjectivity of the states of consciousness. Though time in the semi-subtle world is thus incommensurable with time in the gross world, it is strictly determined by the impressions accumulated in the gross world. However, the important fact is that the hell state and the heaven state are far from being lasting; and after they have served their purpose in the life of the individualized soul, they both come to an end.

Vivification of impressions: The coarser sensual desires, like lust and their emotional products like hate and anger, all contribute to the life of delusion and suffering prevalent in the hell state. The finer desires-like idealistic aspirations, aesthetic and scientific interests, goodwill toward neighbors and others, and their emotional products like personal love or fellow-feeling-contribute to the life of enlightenment and pleasure prevalent in the heaven state. These states for most souls consist in reliving the experiences of the earthly life by vivification of the impressions left by them. Their duration and nature are dependent upon the duration and nature of the experiences undergone by the soul while in the physical body.

-Discourses 7th Ed, p310

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