On sanskaras – The Creation, Cutting Up, and Destruction – Part 3/4



And who has the greatest quantity of sanskaras? Sinners! It is for this very reason—to destroy the largest stores of […]

On sanskaras – The Creation, Cutting Up, and Destruction – Part 2/4


The Four Yogas There are four kinds of yoga—karma, bhakti, raj, and Jnan. But the essential and principal first condition of every yoga […]

Bhakti yoga



A devotee requested that Baba elaborate on bhakti yoga — the path of devotional practices. Baba said:

An easier way to progress […]

Existence Is Substance and Life Is Shadow – Part 4

Life is thickly linked with actions. Life is lived through actions. Life is valued through actions. Life’s survival depends on actions. Life cognizant is […]

The highest practice of yoga

All the meditations, yogas, concentrations do not teach what Baba teaches you through everyday living. That is, to be kind to those who ill-treat […]

The habit of criticism – “If you point out the shortcomings of others lovingly, …it is all right.”

If you do not get angry, you are a stone. If you get angry and cannot control it, you are an animal. If you […]

Yogic powers and Spiritual powers

In Raipur, on July 11th, Baba gave an explanation on the powers of yogis (siddhis) compared to spiritual powers:

Through different yogas, one can […]

Sanskaras and liberation – part – 2 (final)

This bondage of actions is the tie that is deep-rooted and cannot be easily […]