The Law: This Law’s grip is eternal till you go beyond law

“God is not kind, he is the ocean of mercy. But it is all according to law. And law is not complicated, it is simple. You sow a seed, you water it, you have a plant that grows – it is so simple. Law gives you all this from one seed, because all this was latent in the seed.

Law deals individually, and also in multitudes of the same type. Your taking birth at a certain time, your giving up the body at a certain time, is all according to law, which shapes your actions. You are not responsible. But what about those who all die at one and the same moment, like thousands in an earthquake? Law gathers all of the similar types in one country, and ends it in one time.

When the plant grows into a big tree, it is not conscious of it, not responsible, but law shapes it, brings out of it what is there. When you were a baby, you were not conscious how you grew up. It is so natural because law does it. From childhood to old age, you feel the same yourself. Only when you look in the mirror, you know it (that you are old), and most of the time you forget you have got old.

This law so establishes itself that there is no escape. It grows into a habit which can never be shaken off. Law asserts itself as soon as you are born. The puppy does not open its eyes when it is born. It feels hungry and searches for its mother’s milk. ”

Law’s grip is eternal till you go beyond law, then you are free.

GLOW International, August 1996, p. 13, ed. Naosherwan Anzar

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