The Eternal Beloved was interred on this day in 1969

Baba had remarked on the morning of the 31st that he would be free of suffering after seven days. Taking this as a meaningful hint from him, the trustees held a meeting and the interment was fixed for Friday, 7 February 1969, at 12:15 P.M. The 7th that year also happened to be Baba’s birthday according to the Zoroastrian calendar.

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Significance of the Eternal Beloved’s Samadhi:

“Baba later remarked about Meherabad, ‘This place is the most important one. It is the best place to be for those on the spiritual path. Despite visiting places for my work, it is always best to return here.'” Bhau Kalchuri in Lord Meher, Vol. 3, 1988, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 854 (, p719)

“In 1938, while strolling on Meherabad Hill, Baba made a sweeping gesture and stated, ‘The whole universe is mine, but this place is especially mine.'” Bal Natu, The Samadhi: Star of Infinity, p. 39.

“[Baba’s Samadhi] is surcharged with Baba’s divine presence. Hence this place — the Power House — has become the center through which the Avatar’s ever-living Infinite Consciousness continues to function, radiating His unconditional love and compassion to one and all who visit Him.” Bal Natu in Glimpses of the God-Man, Vol. VI, Bal Natu, p. 89

“There is a spiritual intensity at Meherabad. The body of Avatar Meher Baba which is resting in the Tomb at Meherabad, is the body that housed Reality and anything that is in direct contact with Reality is naturally sanctified. So the effect of that body is that everything for miles around is sanctified…What you experience is the reflection of His presence in the atmosphere of this place….” Eruch Jessawala in The Ancient One, ed. Naosherwan Anzar, pp. 234-35.

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