The Goal and Its Attainment – Have hope

The modern era is steeped in restlessness as man is tossed¬†between conflicting ideals. Like mounds in a sandy desert,¬†intellectual knowledge is mounting up without provision for the¬†expression of the heart, which is so vitally necessary to quench¬†the need of the spirit. It is lack of this that has checkmated man’s¬†achievements, in spite of himself and his enormous¬†advancements in the fields of science. Unhappiness and¬†insecurity, emotional or otherwise, are the dominant notes of the¬†age, and mankind is engulfed in the darkness of wars, hate and¬†fear.

Yet I say, “Have hope.”

Selfishness and lust for power tend to drag man towards brutality, which he has inherited from his evolutionary ancestry or acquired during erroneous searching through his incarnations. But there is within man the inextinguishable light of Truth, because he is essentially divine in origin and being.

Those who cleanse their hearts of the embittering poison of selfishness, hate and greed shall find God as their own true Self. When you find and realize God, the problem of selfishness and its numerous expressions melts away like mist before the sun. In God and as God, all life reveals itself as being really one and indivisible, and all separateness created by identification with human or sub-human forms is seen to be illusory.

The Truth of divine life is not a hope but a reality. It is the only reality, and all else is illusion. Have faith and you will be redeemed. Have love and you will conquer the lower and limited self of cravings that veil your own true being as God. Not through desperate self-seeking, but through constant self-giving is it possible to find the Self of all selves.

-Life At Its Best, p41

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