Why does a Master ask questions?

Q. Why, if he knows everything, does the Master ask questions ?

The impressions of the experiences of the innumerable past lives of an individual remain in his mental body in the form of thoughts, which lie, like seeds, latent and unmanifested. When faced with suitable circumstances and environments, these thoughts are expressed in the subtle body as desires and emotions. And these, when expressed more fully, develop into the physical actions in the gross body.

The Master knows the expressed as well as the unexpressed thoughts of everyone. Yet he sometimes asks questions. While asking questions he acts, through his working on the inner planes, upon the expressed and unexpressed impressions of the individual or individuals with whom he is speaking, and renders them impotent while they are still in the mental body, so that they cannot develop and eventually be expressed in the form of desires and actions.

In short, the Master, through his subtle working, checks certain evil thoughts in their very growth, eradicates the unexpressed desires, and thus prevents them developing into the corresponding actions, which might cause harm to the individual and hinder his spiritual progress.

– “Questions and Answers by Meher Baba”, p31 (The Circle Editorial Committee (London) in 1933)

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