The New Life: “My merciful Krishna!” (Part 2 of 2)

The girl had been praying to Krishna. Eruch inquired of the girl about the man, and she quietly answered, “He is my father, but he is ill. My mother too is indisposed. Why have you come here?”

“I came to know about your father’s plight, and my elder brother has come to help him,” Eruch explained.

“We have nothing with which to repay a loan.”

“This is not a loan,” Eruch quickly explained. “My elder brother wants to give a gift of love, and if your father accepts it he will oblige us.”

The girl burst into tears. She turned to the statue of Krishna and uttered: “My Krishna, my beloved Krishna — how merciful you are! I have only just prayed to you and you have answered so soon. You are merciful, my Lord, most merciful!”

At this, Eruch’s heart too was full, and tears came to his eyes. Eruch told the girl, “My elder brother always first washes the feet of the receiver and then lays his forehead on them. Warm some water; meanwhile, I will bring him from the train station.”

Eruch went back to the station and, accompanied by Baba and Pendu, led them to the hut. Baba washed and put his head on the man’s feet, handing him Rs.500. The girl was overcome and wept. “My Krishna, my Krishna,” she continued to cry. “My merciful Krishna!”

Age too was touched. “Krishna was present in physical form — but the Lord did not linger!” Finishing his work, Baba immediately departed by tonga. After some distance, it was discovered that Baba’s coat had been left behind in the hut. But Baba indicated to Eruch and Pendu, “Forget about it! Let my coat stay with them. I am extremely happy with the work that has been done.”, p2951
November, 1950; Gudur

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