The New Life: The spontaneous generosity of this loving couple pleased Baba

[Stay in Najibabad] Two hours later, the sweet, elderly couple arrived with the meal still hot, and they were immediately taken by Adi to the Elder Brother.

Baba looked radiant, His long hair flowing, when  Makhan Lal and his wife first saw Him. Makhan Lal immediately bowed at His feet, and Adi could see that Baba was unhappy with this devotional gesture. Adi quietly explained to Him in Gujarathi that he had not revealed Baba’s identity to the man, but that Makhan Lal’s response was purely spontaneous.

Baba was satisfied with the explanation and lovingly accepted the food the merchant and his wife had brought. Moreover He allowed them to come the next day with their whole family. From then on, the merchant and his wife provided delicious hot meals mice a day, and the wife entertained the women with amusing stories.

Baba ordered the morning and afternoon teas from the rail-way station.

One day while Makhan Lal ‘s wife was visiting with Baba and the women, she began regaling them with colorful tales and Hindi songs, and at the end of one of the songs, she stopped and turned her wrinkled face to Baba and said, “If I were a few years younger, Baba, I would have gotten up and danced! But now, Baba, aching, aching.”

She had used the word  ‘Baba’ only as a respectful term, still not knowing anything about His true identity.

Baba asked her through Mani, who interpreted His gestures “How do you feel physically’.

“My whole body is in pain!.

“Is the pain in your legs specifically?.

“Oh, they pain the most!” was her reply, but it turned out that her entire body caused her pain. Even her fingers ached.

Baba called for homeopathic medicine from Baidul, who returned and handed the pills to Baba.

Looking at the tiny pills, she laughed. “I have so much pain, How could those small things help me?”

Baba gave her a few to swallow from His own hand. The old woman was so touched to receive this special attention from Baba that after consuming the pills, she resumed singing, and at one point without realizing it, she got so carried away that she stood up and began dancing.

Everyone was amazed. The pills given by Baha were so effective that almost instantaneously all of the pain that she had experienced for years was gone!

On another occasion, in a private meeting, Makhan Lal began weeping uncontrollably before Baba with so much love, without even knowing His name.

The spontaneous generosity of this loving couple pleased Baba very much.

-“Meher Baba’s New Life”, Bhau Kalchuri, p293

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