The “weaknesses” of the past Avatars


Nana Kher arrived from Nagpur and stayed with the men mandali at Guruprasad until Baba left at the end of June. Occasionally, Nana Kher would write down what Baba dictated. On 30 and 31 March, Baba explained about the “weaknesses” of each of the past Avatars and also about two ways of realizing God:

Although I have infinite knowledge, infinite power and infinite bliss at my disposal, as the God-Man I do not use my infinite power and bliss for my Avataric work. Otherwise, how could I experience the helplessness of the whole world? I suffer infinitely for humanity to relieve them of suffering, for it is for their sake that I specially come as Avatar. I suffer tremendously physically. This is why my body was completely shattered in two [automobile] accidents.

My mental suffering too is infinite, as I suffer for all the hypocrisy in the world, for all hypocritical saints. Lastly, I suffer infinitely spiritually because even though I myself am completely free, I experience myself as bound in all men in ignorance. I have to suffer for them. But as the Avatar, I use my infinite knowledge. That is why I know everything of the past, present and future. I am omniscient without using my mind.

Every Avatar, though God-incarnate, as man has some human weakness and also suffers. [As Zoroaster, I killed the man who murdered me with a sword.]

As Ram, I experienced helplessness by going into exile for fourteen years and endured great suffering. My weakness as Ram was that I had to renounce Sita for the sake of the peoples’ satisfaction, by sending her into the jungle.

As Krishna, my weakness was to show my Universal Body to Arjuna before he would obey my wish of waging war against the Kauravas. It was my weakness and also Arjuna’s, as he demanded experience of my divinity before he would carry out my command.

As Buddha, my weakness was that I explained about nirvana — the fana state. But I never disclosed about nirvikalp samadhi — the baqa state, which comes immediately after fana.

As Jesus Christ, my weakness was that though I was one with the Father, when nailed on the cross I cried out, “O Father, why have you forsaken me?” though I knew I was the Father in heaven.

As Muhammad, my weakness was that, due to circumstances, I called myself the Messenger of God. But at least before dropping my body, I should have declared that “I am Allah,” which was my real state.

As Meher Baba the Avatar, I have two weaknesses. One weakness is that I am bhola [innocent, guileless]. That is, I keep company with all my lovers, allow them to say what they like. The second weakness I will tell you when I come again after 700 years during my next advent., p4934
Mar, 1963; Guruprasad

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