The working of Maya (False values): The essential nature of falsehood

Everyone wants to know and realize the Truth, but Truth cannot be known and realized as Truth unless ignorance is known and realized as being ignorance. Hence arises the importance of understanding Maya, or the principle of Ignorance.

It is imperatively necessary for humanity to know what is false, to know it to be false, and to get rid of the false by knowing it to be false.

What is the essential nature of falsehood? Falsehood consists in taking the true as being false or the false as being true, that is, in considering something to be other than what in itself it really is. Falsehood is an error in judging the nature of things.

-Extracted from “Discourses”, 7th Ed., p370


“We have not only to defeat maya, but to crush it completely.” (, p4591)

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