Three ways to obtain the spiritual treasure




“Seek and you shall find” has become such a commonplace slogan that spiritual aspirants have begun to wonder what it means.
To them I say: “Do not seek and you will find.” Do not seek material pleasure and you will find the spiritual treasure. This means, seek only God by not seeking material pleasure and you will find God.

You can only seek God through self-denial. The spiritual treasure cannot be obtained by merely stretching out your hand for it. Only in the completeness of self-denial can the spiritual treasure become self-evident.

There are three ways of obtaining the spiritual treasure:
First: to earn it yourself by self-denial.
Second: to receive it as a spontaneous gift from God given to His lover whose self has become effaced in the intensity of his longing for his Beloved.
And third: to inherit it directly from the Perfect Master who bequeaths it to those who remain completely resigned to his will.

Therefore if you wish to find the Treasure, stop seeking material pleasure. Seek the kingdom of Heaven by not seeking the kingdom of earth, and you will find it., p4716
Aug, 1960; Meherazad


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