“To surrender is not as difficult as people think”

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On Thursday, 5 January 1939, Keki Bajan again came with his family to see Baba. Explaining to them about surrender and grace, Baba stated:

To surrender is not as difficult as people think. It must not be external, but internal. You must do your duty toward your dear ones — your wife, children and others who depend on you. You must not shirk or avoid your responsibilities. But while doing these duties, one must not be attached to maya.

One must remain detached, whatever the result may be. Even if one of your dear ones dies, you should not think about it, much less worry about it, but dedicate all to the guru. You should dedicate every thought and every act, both good and bad, at his feet. It is very easy, but because it is so easy, it is difficult. Once dedicated, you should forget everything, and if you cannot forget them [your thoughts and actions], how can you say that you have surrendered them?

The rain falls on both rocks and the soil. But the water flows away down the rock, while the earth soaks it up. The rock does not derive any benefit from the rain, while the soil does. Although the rain falls equally on both, only the soil takes advantage of it.

Similarly, my mercy and grace are equally on all. But only those on the plain deserve it, while those who go about as if they are on top of a high mountain do not benefit by it!

-www.lordmeher.org, p1972
Jan, 1939; Jabalpur

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