Types of obedience – Part 1

When the personal introductions were finished, Baba began a discourse about types of obedience:

Eternally, God is the only One, never changing. God never changes. Everything else changes. It is all a passing show. Yesterday has passed; today will also pass. But God was, is and ever will be. Today you are an adult, but once you were a child. Some years hence you will become old and drop the body. Then you will be born again and will have another body. Many a birth and many a death pass by. God alone remains forever and ever.

The mind persists through birth and through death in spite of and through its changing vicissitudes. If the mind is annihilated, God reveals Himself. And so long as one is not conscious of God, mind persists. When mind goes, God “comes.” It can go only by loving me wholeheartedly. It can also melt away through my grace. But in order to be worthy of this grace, you must have obedience, which consists in acting implicitly according to my wishes.

There are different types of obedience:

1. Obedience of soldiers — from patriotic motives [for one’s country]. If a commander orders “Shoot!” the bullet is fired by the soldier without giving a second thought. Like the old saying: “Theirs is not to reason why, theirs is but to do or die.”

2. Obedience of a paid servant. The more and the quicker his pay, the greater is his “Yes sir,” to his employer.

3. Obedience of a slave in bondage. His is compulsory obedience. We have heard that in olden days when slaves were bought and sold, theirs was a miserable life. They did their work because they were lashed and because they had no other recourse but to obey under compulsion.

4. Obedience of a lover [of God]. This is the real type of obedience. His is the willing obedience — no fees or consideration, no expectation of return or reward, but love alone.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4224
Dec, 1957; Guruprasad

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