Types of obedience – Part 3 (Final)



Suppose Gadekar and Digambar are before me and I tell the father:

“Gadekar, you have come here. Where is your son? Why isn’t he here?” His absolute obedience leads Gadekar to such oblivion that he does not see Digambar by his side and also tells me: “Yes, Baba, Digambar is not to be seen.” This is not just nodding his head to please the Master, but he actually does not see that Digambar is by his side.

In conclusion, Baba gestured with a smile, “Don’t be afraid! Baba is not going to ask anyone to cut anybody! It was just a simile. To ‘cut’ means to remain detached.”

-www.lordmeher.org (Revised 2014), p4224
Date and place: Dec, 1957; Guruprasad


“Those who obey me without expectation of reward really obey and love me. And those who obey me heartily and happily, and relish the very act of obeying, are fit and worthy of my doing their arti!”

(www.lordmeher.org (Rev 2014), p3261)

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