Violation of the Master’s Order

[In May 1948 Keshan Narain Nigam received the circular about Baba’s five orders. He was to select one of the five orders to be followed for a stipulated period. He volunteered to follow the fifth order according to which he should not touch money and any person of opposite gender.]

Keshav had sought Meher Baba’s help in keeping his daughter from touching him during the stipulated period of one month. His reliance on Baba worked out in a wonderful way. Keshav’s new position necessitated moving to Nowgong. It so happened that while departing for Nowgong, he knowingly allowed a girl over seven years of age to apply tilak (red powder on the forehead, which is regarded as auspicious and a happy farewell), as was the current custom. He lovingly caressed this girl, which was against the spirit of the order. He also touched money and carried it on his person on his journey to Nowgong. The worst part of it was that he knowingly violated Meher Baba’s order. He did not know then that he was playing with fire.

After a few days an abscess developed on Keshav’s right palm, the one which had fondled the girl and handled the money. The abscess turned septic and there was a huge swelling right up his arm. The pain was so severe that the abscess had to be incised. Even after the operation the pain did not subside, but now it helped Keshav to remember Meher Baba intensely and wholeheartedly. The wound healed slowly until the last date of observance of the order, and then this strange suffering ended.

It has been noticed that if one forgets to observe the order of the Master in spite of the best of efforts, the ill effects are practically nil, for the Master’s all-pervading presence is full of compassion. But to disobey Him purposefully is definitely harmful — physically and spiritually — as it indicates a deliberate attempt to go against the divine will. This does not mean that the Master is a despot or dictator, but it seems a fact that His order releases specific power for the spiritual advancement of that particular person. But if in place of cooperation and obedience one tries to go against the “current,” one is bound to invite suffering.

-Extracted from “Glimpses f the God-man”, Bal Natu,Vol1, p345

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