When hope dies, God is realized!

When Baba asked him about being a lawyer, Harish Chander Kochar informed Baba about his court difficulties. Baba counseled patience and stated:

The whole world is like a mirage. Hope never dies. God is above all hope. There is only one way to attain God: when hope dies, God is realized! There is no other way. You do not benefit by years of penance, fasting, sitting in samadhi or undergoing self-abnegation by sleeping on nails. There is only one remedy to get rid of hope, to get beyond hope, and that is love. And there is only one way to love: to forget our self, and to do that, surrender at the feet of a Master. Bhakti yoga, karma yoga and dnyan yoga exist to bring about this self-forgetfulness. But even though apparently successful in practicing them, no one forgets himself through them.

Everybody knows that they have to give up the body one day, but every moment they feel they will go on living forever. The mind knows one day it has to drop the body which will die after, say, seven years. But all the same, it is under the delusion that it will live forever. Why is it so? Because in truth we are all eternal. Suppose you are young now and will die after sixty years, but you now feel that you will continue living. No thought of dying enters your mind. You only think about it sometimes when the mind reminds you. If the mind harbors the thought of dying all twenty-four hours, everything is gained. If this thought of dying is there for twenty-four hours, your work is done. Your mind dies.

Pointing to Kochar, Baba punned, “When mind dies, the chander (moon) disappears and Hari (God) comes! It means you are not your self; you go away (mind is annihilated) and God comes!”
–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4179

(www.lordmeher.org, Revised 2014, p3360)

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