Working for Baba – Part 1

Baba called Kutumb Sastri to Dehra Dun to discuss the Andhra programs. On Sunday, July 26th, in the course of the conversation, Baba explained to Sastri:

To know God is to become God. So how can you know what a Perfect Master is unless you become one? I may be either the Avatar, a Sadguru or an ordinary man. I may be anything; I am what you take me to be. If you think I am the Avatar, I am the Avatar; if you think I am an ordinary man, I am an ordinary man. I am That which I am. By being everything, what you think me to be I am.

However, this is not important. If I am Baba, then for my work I need no one. And yet I tell you to be with me and ask the workers in Andhra to work for me for four months. If you look back on my life and work, I never have anything permanent. Hospitals, schools, ashrams were constructed and pulled down, because I have no need of any establishment or organization. Yet I want workers. Why? To make people ready to receive what God will make me give. The morning sun sheds its rays everywhere, but the sun does not need connection with the whole world. If after four hundred or seven hundred years the world is full of houses and there is no room for its rays to penetrate the world and reach mankind, the sun may then resort to making people remove the roofs of houses so that its full rays may fall on everything and everyone. I want such persons who can demolish the roofs of low desires by spreading my message of love, so that when the time comes – like a cloudless day at twelve noon – people can receive the rays.

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4198

(, Revised 2014, p3379)

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