You should always be alert and ready for battle

Perhaps you might think, “Why doesn’t Baba save us from committing sins, despite knowing everything?”

Before you do any wrong action, I already know that you are going to do it! Then why do I not prevent you? It is my secret. The secret of my work is, though I know everything, I do not interfere. The fact is, you should have this lust, but you should do your utmost not to fall prey to it. You should put up a fierce fight, and though defeated a thousand times, you should again be ready to continue to fight it.

Were I to wish it, I could destroy the lust in you in no time. But what would be the use of destroying it? In the end, it will be I who destroys it. In the meantime, continue with the battle inside yourselves. This is the law; it is necessary. Then joy will come in defeating lust. Without a struggle, there is no pleasure in fighting. The real pleasure lies in success after so many defeats. Wars won without obstacles, without sacrifices and untiring effort, afford no pleasure. This should be a life and death fight! Lust is there to be fought. It is a lifelong struggle. It will harass you to the end of your days. It should be there to fight you, and you should always be alert and ready for battle., p1099
October, 1929; Isfahan, Iran
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