01 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] God loves honesty


A Hindu from Kerala came for Baba’s darshan and related, “I have come from Benares on pilgrimage and due to unfortunate circumstances, I am now penniless. According to my religion, I have to provide a feast to the Brahmins as soon as my pilgrimage ends. Last night, as I lay on the Ahmednagar railway platform, I was worrying over this problem. I fell asleep and God appeared in my dream and directed me to go to Meherabad ashram where Meher Baba would fulfill my needs. I woke up elated and for this reason I have humbly come to you today, begging you to contribute toward fulfilling my religious responsibilities.”

Baba slyly replied, “What you say is true. It is obligatory to feed the Brahmins after a pilgrimage in accordance with the tenets of Hinduism. But last night I too saw God in my dream. And He told me that today a lying rogue would come trying to extract money and deceive me. He instructed that I should not pay him a penny, but beat him and send him running!”

Hearing this, the man was dumbfounded and knew he had been caught in his deception. Although Baba was not touching money since adopting his silence, he nevertheless called Behramji and had him hand the man some rupee notes. Taking the money, the man was about to depart when Baba sternly reminded him, “Remember, God loves honesty. Nothing is hidden from God.”

Meanwhile, Dhake wondered why Baba had given the man money when he knew he was dishonest. Baba explained, “The man knew I was aware of his deception and he will always remember what happened here today. He will never forget that Meher Baba gave him money despite seeing through him. Why did I do it? So that the next time he tries to swindle someone, he will remember me, desist and improve.”

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