Fear means no love

(Both Bill Le Page and John Ballantyne were asked to sit inside the crypt and meditate during their stay at Meherabad, Sept 1954) …

Baba asked, “Did you keep your eyes open when you sat for half an hour last night?”Bill Le Page said, “Yes.”

“What did you feel?”
“My heart pounded all the time, and I could not say your name.”

“What was there to frighten you?”
“I had images of the outside world.”

John Ballantyne said, “I had a feeling that there was no ventilation when the door was closed. I felt nothing.”

Baba asked if they would do it every night for seven nights. They said, “Yes.”

“Do not be frightened,” he stated. “There is nothing to fear. Don’t force your attention; keep awake and do not move. Even if a snake comes, let it pass by. And love Baba during these half hours. Fear means no love. Think of Baba from the bottom of your hearts; after seven nights, you will see Baba. Why this fear, Francis? Francis of Assisi and Francis Xavier loved Christ with all their might, and what they suffered none of you can guess; but fear was foreign to them. Do not fear, love me. Don’t be bothered; think of Baba; be happy. So, from tonight, Francis [Brabazon], see that they sit there and close the door.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p3586
September, 1954; Meherabad

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