14 Aug 2012 – Vishnu’s steadfastness

(This incident happened during the New Life period)

That same morning, entering the companions’ hut at seven o’clock, Baba warned, “Everyone should remain cheerful under all conditions and circumstances, and should never lose their temper or get annoyed.” Turning to Eruch, he asked, “Would you feel anything if news were received that your mother had died?”

Eruch said, “According to the conditions of Plan Three, I should not and would not feel anything for anyone.”

Baba asked Murli, “If your father passes away, how would you feel?”

Smiling, Murli replied, “I would not feel anything – let him go!”

Baba then questioned Vishnu and got the same answer. Baba, however, confronted Vishnu, “Are you telling the truth? Remember, to tell a lie or give vague answers is forbidden in the New Life.”

Vishnu replied, “I would not feel anything if news of the death of my mother (Kakubai) were received.”

Baba then gently revealed to him, “Yesterday, Donkin showed me a telegram sent by Adi about Kakubai’s death in Meherabad at 6:15 P.M. on the 12th.” These words had no effect on Vishnu, and he went on answering Baba’s questions in a normal tone of voice, calmly and serenely.

Baba then bitterly remarked, “Donkin ought not to have given me the news concerning people in the Old Life whom I have left behind.”

Then, after embracing Vishnu, Baba addressed the companions, “Vishnu is courageous, and though his mother was old (sixty-two) and ill at the time, he did not think of staying with her, but said ‘Yes,’ and came away with me in the New Life.” After this incident, Vishnu left forDehra Dunto do the women’s marketing, and Baba praised his steadfastness.

Kakubai had been in Baba’s contact from the very early days of thePoonatoddy shop in Kasba Peth [1918]. From the beginning, she would address Baba as “Deva” (God). In those days, Baba would visit her home at any odd time and ask for rice and dal. Kakubai used to keep it ready, as Baba was also always in a hurry and would not allow her time to cook it. By coming to her house almost every day, Baba had captured Kakubai’s heart. She moved permanently to Meherabad in 1925, and there dropped her body. There were silent salutations to Kakubai’s memory that day.

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